Stellaris Review

Stellaris Review

Stellaris gives you the stars as your playground, proving that Paradox capably translates some of their strategy game prowess into space.

Should you Buy Stellaris Overlord (Review)

Stellaris Overlord is out, and it’s time to see if the features are worth your while. Should you buy this on launch? Wait for a sale? Or just leave it all together? Let’s find out.

The review copy for this expansion was supplied by Paradox Interactive

ASpec’s videos are based around the popular Grand Strategy Game; Stellaris as well as other fun science fiction properties. Delve into a galaxy that is both dark and full of secrets. This channel has tons of guide, overviews, musing and other content for you to enjoy in the semi-classic game review format. So stick around, grab a drink. Some of this content was heavily inspired by the likes of TheSpiffingBrit, RimmyDownUnder and GrayPlays. Other content is similar to that what you would find on let’s play channels like The Yogscast.

Video Title; Should you Buy Stellaris Overlord (Review)

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Stellaris Copyright © 2022 Paradox Interactive AB.

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Why is STELLARIS so popular?

Why is STELLARIS so popular? With the new release of Stellaris Aquatics. Stellaris is very relevant and lots of people enjoy playing the game! Is Stellaris fun and why is it so popular? I determine this by the way in which Stellaris has been recieved with continual improvement overtime and stellaris mods. Is Stellaris worth it? Found out in this video!

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0:00 Intro
1:20 How to play Stellaris
2:12 reason for success 1
3:55 reason for success 2
5:56 reason for success 3

The Complete Beginners Guide to Stellaris | 2022

Stellaris is a massive game and understanding how to play it can be one huge challenge. This video aims to teach you the basics of the game and set you up to head into your first game understanding exactly what you need to do.

0:00 Intro
0:37 Empire & Game Setup
2:25 Resources & User Interface
8:12 The Early Game
11:51 Planetary Management
15:43 Fleets & Ship Designing
17:28 Automation
19:26 Diplomacy & Espionage
21:44 War & Combat
24:42 How to Win
25:39 Outro

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A No B.S Review Of Stellaris

I’ll be honest I got angry in this one lol.
*Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Intensifies*

00:13 Intro over
01:12 Role Playing Strategy?
01:33 Variety
03:58 How hard to learn?
10:12 End of rant
10:17 SCORES
10:32 Points I Missed
10:36 Music
10:43 Graphics and Art style
10:59 Game state
11:13 Community
11:27 Combat
11:56 U.I
12:20 Random Events
12:53 Initial Boredom
13:20 Final Thoughts
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